D.C. Minner Rentiesville Museum open
same Sundays as Jam Sessions or by appt: call 918 855 0978

        WINTER SCHEDULE First Sunday of Each Month 4 pm

         the jam session starts at 4:30 pm  Opening set Selby and Blues on the Move

Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival #30
          Friday, Saturday , Sunday Labor Day Weekend 
          Sept 4, 5, 6 2020,
          all ages, 30 bands on three stages gates open at 6 pm and music starts on all 3 stages at 6 pm


When D.C. and Selby Minner started the Blues Festival in 1991, someone who lived there said “no one can find Rentiesville – not even Little Johnny Taylor” . . . .wrong! . . . 700 people came in that Sunday afternoon. Little Johnny Taylor and 6 other bands put on an awesome show.
A couple of festivals later Selby was talking to the Blues Foundation in Memphis. They said “Blues Festival? –we didn’t know there was any Blues in Oklahoma.” (!!) But when they sent their writer, he wrote in their newsletter “Suffice it to say ‘all night party’ is a pretty apt description, – this Festival is a must-see to say you are in touch with the Blues scene in this country today!” Rentiesville rocks!
One year it rained on us and fans were calling it the Blues Woodstock.
You keep music alive by enjoying it… and Blues is some of the best party music ever created. “Hey Everybody, Let”s Have Some Fun!” “Gonna Rock this place tonite … all nite long…we ain’t never going home!”

D.C. Minner on the Festival:

Well, if you do something long enough, eventually you hope you get good at it, and I am really proud of this year’s lineup! This is a community of music lovers. It has been a hard year for people……just watch the news… people need to come together and share the love. Nothing brings people together like music, particularly Blues, and the Festival draws a wide variety of people from near and far… everybody is here…and we hope you will mark your calendars and be here too!”

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