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D.C. and Selby Minner sing Shaky Ground on the Travelok website

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Our busy season is May to October
..Currently we are OPEN EVERY SUNDAY at 4 PM … IT IS A JAM SESSION 

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Birthplace of Blues Legend D.C. Minner, he and his wife/bassist Selby came in off 12 years of touring with their band blues on the move and created the
The Down Home Blues club (1988). . Dusk Til dawn Festival (1991)
. . Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame (2004). . . D.C. Minner Rentiesville Museum (2015) & the FOR Blues Society  – you can join!



OETA on Oklahoma BLues 

Oklahoma’s Lowell Fulson was also the ghreatest of the West Coast Blues artists.

To learn about the Native American’s immense contribution to Rock and Blues Check out the movie RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World ! POSTCARD 1 back DD 29 – available on Amazon Prime

This winter we will work to create some new Exhibits, funded by the USDA Rural Development and the Humanities Council so we had a meeting and collected hours of info :
  this meeting went great   look for the exhibit late fall


check out — D.C. Minner’s DUSK TIL DAWN BLUES FESTIVAL
EVERY LABOR DAY WEEKEND   2019 dates are August 30, 31, & Sept 1

We made the cut! Top Ten!

 “10 Awesome Music Festivals to Check Out this Summer”  from the National Geographic! We were the only North American Festival chosen!

 “If you really want to get off the beaten path, check out this all-night blues festival in tiny Rentiesville, one of Oklahoma’s few surviving historically all-black towns. Night owls dig the blues from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. for three days straight.”
Oklahoma has Chosen us too! Rhythm and Routes Blues Trail Link: Click here NOW

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      happy hour jams  

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where: GPS coordinates are EW1030 and NS423 mail to 103020 D.C. Minner Street Checotah OK 7 4426

Google maps at at Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame they may tell you “Corner of John Hope Franklin Blvd or Gertrude Av  at 11 th Street–Same place …all right here in RENTIESVILLE! Events:

FREE Camping (must have a wristband) Electric Hookups for RVs are available  918 855 0978

   OK Ollie Best shot  Bonnie McCoy best photo web ready  A keepin DCs dreams alive BP Stage DSC_0640     Leon Rollerson smiles   Fans great documentary by Kari Barber

PRESS RELEASE Selby @ (918) 855-0978   DC on flag w guitarRentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival 2018- 28th Annual 2018 f book DC Minner Rentiesville Museum OR Rentiesville Dusk Til Dawn Blues Festival we are @ I – 40 / US 69 . 70 mi SE of Tulsa, 125 Mi E of OKC Fri Sat Sun of Labor Day Weekend August 31 – September 2,  2018 5 pm til 5 am $18/ day @ gate Kids Free under 12

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Down Home Blues, Oklahoma Style – 200 musicians; 30 actson 3 stages; a showcase of regional OK blues and 4 international headliners; Kids free – Kid’s Village; volunteer 3 hours, get in free and ½ off on a T shirt; come join the fun! Mark your calendar for Labor Day Weekend; come to the longest running big blues fest in OK, held at The Authentic Juke Joint for the Millennium! Presented by F.O.R. Blues Inc., Selby Minner, the D.C. Minner Rentiesville Museum, and the best VOLUNTEERS and SPONSORS.

The festival takes place in Rentiesville, the childhood home of famed blues guitarist D.C. Minner, who founded the OBHOF in 2004 with his wife, Selby Minner. This year’s blues festival again brings in 200 performers from across Oklahoma and the US. D.C. Minner, in 6 Halls of Fame, is also an inductee of the Rhythm & Routes Oklahoma Music Trail. Visit the Rhythm & Routes website to learn more about the places in Oklahoma that inspired his career, listen to his music and browse an online collection of photos and videos. “The Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF + MO) is thrilled for the continued success of the OBHOF” said OF + MO Deputy Director of Music Lindsey Flowers. “As an honoree on the Rhythm and Routes Oklahoma Music Trail, D.C. Minner has brought national attention to Oklahoma’s legendary blues music culture and this year’s Rentiesville celebrations will continue to honor his legacy.”

 Selby tul world sept 15  Dan by Arlene Winfrey    

 Selby Minner Blues on the Move 

from our friends at the The Blues Festival 
As the basis for American music, the rhythms and musical progressions of blues music has had a public following since the early 20th century. As time progressed, the sounds of blues music have been altered, expanded, and often renamed. The basis of rock ‘n roll, hip hop, rap, heavy metal, and jazz all have a genesis in blues music. To ensure the continued survival of an audience for blues music and expand the financial opportunities for blues and it’s life blood festivals The Blues Festival Guide is committed to the process of outreach and a search for methods to present blues to a wider public.

Blues Music… Sometimes sad, lonely and mournful, but in other cases fully energized and bursting with electric-guitar-fueled vigor, blues is one of the most powerful, influential and popular musical styles to have risen during the last few centuries.

The song structure is simple – much of classic blues is based around a three-chord, 12-bar progression that leaves room for boundless improvisation – and it serves as a foundation for much of today’s popular music.

Today it’s still being picked on the front porches of tar-paper shacks, but it’s just as frequently fired up loud and proud in front of a barroom (or for that matter stadium) crowd. In either case though, it remains a music that reflects hardship, trouble and strife, but also perseverance and strength of character – to know the blues is to be in touch with your true spirit and soul.

Notable artists include: B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Etta James, Buddy Guy, Delbert McClinton, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon. Many are unknown… 

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lots of Jam sessions in Rentiesville  … Party every FIRST  SUNDAY of the month from 4 pm on in Rentiesville at the Blues Club In April we will start back with WEEKLY Jam Sessions!
We are 70 miles W of Fort Smith, 70 miles SE of Tulsa 125 miles E of OKC …we are 2 exits N of I-40 up US 69….918 855 0978. blues club form the air  Berry Harris   
Berry Harris OBHOF inductee …
Family Farm turned venue – Oklahoma’s most authentic Juke Joint created by D.C. Minner, born on the spot. . . raised here in his Grandma Lura’s Corn Whiskey House first opened in 1936 when D.C. was one year old. This Blues Legend used to like to say he went from the ‘house of shame’ to 6 halls of fame! he actually morphed the place from Miss Lura’s Cozy Corner INTO the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame. Click to see> PHOTOS of Inductees OBHOF 2016 for the wall Certificates Complete OBHOF 2016  

Selby and her slide guitar tells Rentiesville story:

Alice April catches the Minner Band – Selby and Dan Ortiz – at the festival click to see>       OK FILM + MUSIC Press Release OBHOF Inductions May 2016 OBHOF flyer cropped2016  Bluea are Alive and Well Jerron Scott   Fred Rice receives awards  IMG_8648

Induction Postcard….refrigerator magnet   …..Selby inducts Freddie Lee Rice at Rentiesville OBHOF Please check   for band info and gig updates HOW to FIND US:….do NOT use GPS… try mapquest for Rentiesville or the above link…Google maps…. . .
We are 70 miles W of Fort Smith, 70 miles SE of Tulsa 125 miles E of OKC …we are 2 exits N of I-40 up US 69….918 855 0978.
OBHOF logo Vectored            USDA their R Exhibit

Dancers hit the floor main stage rentiesville Poochie Slick Willie
The Exhibit went to Connors Library in Warner… nice write up  This exhibit became the beginning of the D.C. Minner Rentiesville Museum…. one of D.C. ‘s dreams coming true! Selby check this out!        East Central Oklahoma Electric gives FOR Blues Inc a check for AC!!! and for a new COMPUTER!~~!Thanks EOCE!!! Thanks for your support! All input welcome! Selby Minner F.O.R. Blues Inc. (918) 855 0978 _MG_8528dancersJoann and stick puppet tent GREAT google-site-verification=fVOYBpQRI_1eY1JTtZvm3bsCrej1T0VSNwM0-NPNy3IdancersSunset arms out KB

TS Henry Webb – from Bisbee, also from the Flock circa ’68
Fillmore Slim Simms from San Francisco (originally New Orleans) a true entertainer!

Struggle and Hope COLLAGE greatcall 918 855 0978 anytime for UPCOMING DATES  for Selby Minner Dan OK Slim and Blues on the Move Band  CHECK Selby Minner – friend me – for FANTASTIC Festival Photos!!!!!! Press Release Guitar Shorty Inducted to OBHOFNew OpenDocument Text       A JAM In the earlier days with Pat Moss, Selby on Guitar, Tiki on Bass


    The Festival is Labor Day Weekend

Harry Blackwell gets down
Harry Blackwell gets down
Bat Or Kalo and Selby jam
Bat Or Kalo and Selby jam

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DC hands car keys to Muries
Golf Tourney hole-in-one winners – The Muries get the keys from D.C. Minner at the Rentiesville Blues Club! Thanks Fenton Nissan
East deck at NITE
the east deck of the Blues Club during the Fest

LOGOS from here

CD we need Money cover web ready etterdfeb 11
Dan OK Slim and Selby’s new CD
watermelon Slim and harp great
Watermelon Slim
Broadway Jimmy portrait web ready IMG_8435
Broadway Jimmy from TX, OK, Los Angeles
ray tubbs on keys at last chance ranch tiki on bass
Ray Tubbs

          Selby and Dan Bisbee 14 Web R









DUSK TIL DAWN image003BLUES FESTIVAL: see                                                  RENTIESVILLE BLUES FEST link

Slick Willie heads to the tent img_9288_0200
Slick Willie walks into the crowd DD 22. He will perform with his son this year on the Back Porch Stage Sat nite.

This WEB site was built by Selby Minner with TREMENDOUS ASSISTANCE from Mike Stewart available at 770-826-3662.   770-888-2276. He will help you own your own domain and everything!

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
 – Marjorie Moore – and we love our volunteers! Impossible without them . . . and our sponsors too!dancers