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OK FILM + MUSIC Press Release OBHOF Inductions May 2016

Requirements for induction include

We prefer to induct artists who are alive if possible.
A person must be a performing artist in the Blues genre.
They must be from or have lived in Olkahoma.
The exception to this is the ‘Friend of the Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival Award’ which is for nationally known artists who have consistently over a period of years helped the Festival by coming in at a significantly reduced rate.
They must be 60 years of age unless they are seriously ill.
They have to be a ‘good guy’ – treat people with respect and carry the music with dignity.
They must have a track record in the sense that they are not just playing area bars where they live. Either they work(ed) with people of note or have traveled and toured.

Artists can be nominated by any non profit blues related organization or, in fact, by any blues lover.
Noinations need to supply documentation including their track record, any touring, other contributions to the genre such as teaching etc.  We also need a photo which will print well in either black and white or color – 300 dpi minimum, and a sample of the music played by the nominee.
This should be sent in by March of any given year. OBHOF 103020 D.C. Minner Street, Checotah, OK 74426


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2016 INDUCTEES James Peterson, Jim Donovan, Johnny Rawls, Norman Stauffer, Freddy Lee Rice, John Seymour, Earnest ‘Harmonica Slim’ Carr

2015 INDUCTEES: Harry and Debbie Blackwell, Wolfman Black, Jimmy ‘Chank’ Nolan, Roger ‘Hurricane’ Wilson, Layce Baker, Cecil Gray and David Berntson.

2014 INDUCTEES : Dr Harold Aldridge, Joe Settlemires, Guitar Shorty, Big Mike Griffin and Mike McKinney

dorothy ellis greatMiss Blues has made a great recovery

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You’ve got to have heroes in this life. Our children have to have heroes… We need tales of people who have overcome, people who have endured, people who have given of themselves in many ways despite the hardships of their own lives. Their survival is a testament worthy of celebration. These people were and are road warriors who overcame indignities of every sort… Musicians as men and women of great courage? You better believe it!

  live from the inductions!



INduction POSTER 2008 Induction AD the Pulse  Watermelon Slim PRESS Memphismike peace gets awardmOKBlHofFamelogoBIG     Rentiesville Revival



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Roy Clark
Hormer Johnson
Oklahoma Ollie
Frank Ray
James Russell
Henry Lee “Butch” Russell
Tom Ware

Henry and Doris Baker and their Church of Western Swing in Turkey Texas

James Peterson,
Jim Donovan,
Johnny Rawls,
Norman Stauffer,
Freddy Lee Rice,
John Seymour,
Earnest ‘Harmonica Slim’ Carr

Harry and Debbie Blackwell,
Wolfman Black,
Jimmy ‘Chank’ Nolan,
Roger ‘Hurricane’ Wilson,
Layce Baker Jr.,
Cecil Gray and
David Berntson.

Dr Harold Aldridge,
Joe Settlemires,
Guitar Shorty,
Big Mike Griffin and
Mike McKinney


Dr Harold Aldridge: Education
Joe Settlemires
Guitar Shorty : Friend of the Rentiesville Blues Festival
Big Mike Griffin
Mike McKinney

June McKinney
Scott Ellison
Slugger Trask
Robbie McLaren
Danny Timms
Broadway Jimmy
D.C. Minner Lifetime Achievement Award:
Oklahoma City Blue Devils Band
KBA for Scholarship: Kerry Kudlacek
KBA in Recording: Mike Peace
Media: John Wooley Kyle Peterson
Leilani Roberts Ott Alonzo Stack Wooten

Leon Blue
Clyde “Chico” Lamar
Baby Ray Mucker
Malyne ‘Poochie Love’ Lyons
Aaron Harvey King
Harold Jefferson
KBA in Education: Jahruba Lambeth
D.C. Minner Lifetime Achievement Award:
Miss Lura Pearson Drennan
Keeping the Blues Alive KBA’s:
Booker Lowery Robert Williams
Media: LaNelda Hughes Charles ‘Dr. Live Jive’ Gaye

Chuck Blackwell,
Roland Bowling,
Jesse Ed Davis,
The KBA in Education Inductee will be
Jim Davis,
Jimmy ‘Cry Cry’ Hawkins,
Sonny Hill,
Leon Rollerson,
Leon Russell.
Sponsorship awards will go to
Budweiser and Yaffe and
Love Bottling.
Media to the Current
Tiny Davis
D.C. Minner
Curly ‘No Shoes’ Jr.
Joe Liggins
Bucky Young
Rudy Scott
Roy Milton
Ray Tubbs KBA Volunteer of the Year Award
Bill Davis
Wes Reynolds
Earnest ‘E.T.’ Tanter
Chester Thompson
Walter Watson and Pure Silk
Mike Kern – Education
Media Award Jammin John Peters
2009 Volunteers of the Year:
Donna & Lee Mayo

Miss Avalon Reece
Wayne Bennett
Tank Jernigan
Little Eddie Taylor
Vernon Powers
Paul Lewis
Rocky Frisco
Jimmy ‘the preacher’ Ellis
Media : Hardluck Jim Johnson & his KGOU Radio Blues Show

Watermelon Slim
Wanda Watson
Hart Wand
Wayne Bennett
Claude Fiddler Williams
Jay McShann
Rockin’ John Henry
D.C. Minner Lifetime Achievement Award : Tony Mathews
KBA Media Awards:
Jack Fowler, McIntosh County Democrat Muskogee Daily Phoenix

Elvin Bishop
James Jr. Markham
Selby Minner
Steve Pryor
Frank Swain
James Walker
D.C. Minner Lifetime Achievement Award:
D.C. Minner
Lowell Fulson
Mary “Little Miss Peggy” Wallace Johnson
Sam Franklin
Ace Moreland
Herbie Welch
Claude Williams
Harry Williams
Dr French E. ‘Doc Blue’ Hickman – Keeping the Blues Alive (KBA) Award

2004 INDUCTEES first year
Flash Terry
Lem Sheppard
James Michael Antle
Tony Mathews
Berry Harris
Larry Johnson
Dorothy ‘Miss Blues’ Ellis
Big Dave ‘Bigfoot’ Carr
Hiram Harvelle

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Oklahoma Musicians  Oklahoma Musicians   Oklahoma Musicians 

Nationally-Recognized Ensembles


with Oklahoma Musicians

Count Basie
(Boar, Byas, Donnelly, Gray, Lewis,    
                   Earl Hines (Crumbley and Gray)  
Royal, Rushing, W. Thomas, and Williams                    Dizzie Gillespie (Byas and Pettiford)  
Duke Ellington (Byas, Jones, Pettiford, Royal,                    Coleman Hawkins (Byas and McGhee)  
    Simmons and Singer)                    Teddy Wilson (Bell and James)  
Benny Goodman (Gray, Lamond, Rushing,                    Jimmy Lunceford (Crumbley)  
   Simmons, Smith, and W. Thomas)                    Fletcher Henderson (Jones)  
Lucky Millinder (Bell, Bolar, James, Johnson,                    Nat “King” Cole (Simmons)  
   and Singer)                    Glenn Miller (Smith)  
Woody Herman (Lamond, Mathews, Moore,                    Tommy Dorsey (Smith)  
   and Pettiford)                    John Coltrane (Murray)  
Charlie Parker (Gray, Lamond, McGhee,                    Quincy Jones (Lamond)  
   and Kessel)                    Gerry Mulligan (Baker)  
Louis Armstrong (James, Johnson, and Simmons)                    Fats Waller (Johnson)  
Cab Callaway (Crumbley, Jones and W. Thomas)                    Stan Getz (Lamond)  
Lionel Hampton (Bostic, Byas, and Royal)                    Lester Young (Bell)  
Miles Davis (McBee, Rivers and Wilson)                    Hot Lips Page (Bolar)  
Thelonious Monk (Simmons)                    Ornette Coleman (Cherry)
   Tad Dameron (Gray)  





Oklahoma-Born Jazz Artists                        (Alphabetized)





Anderson, Buddy Oklahoma City


Baker, Chel Yale


Bell, Aaron Muskogee


Bolar, Abe Oklahoma City


Bostic, Earl Tulsa


Alto Sax/Arranger
Brackeen, Charles Unknown


Breeden, Harold Guthrie


Bridges, Henry Oklahoma City

c. 1908

Tenor Sax
Byas, Don Muskogee


Tenor Sax
Caliman, Hadley Idabel


Cherry, Don Oklahoma City


Crumbley, Elmer Kingfisher


Donnally, Ted Oklahoma City


Gray, Wardell Oklahoma City


Tenor Sax
James, George Beggs


Johnson, Lem C. Oklahoma City


Jones, Claude Boley


Kellner, Jim Tulsa


Kessel, Barney Muskogee


Lamond, Don Oklahoma City


Lewis, Ed Eagle City


Liggins, Joe Guthrie


Love, Clarence Muskogee


Alto Sax/Bandleader
Matthews, Lea McAlester


McBee, Cecil Tulsa


McGhee, Howard Tulsa


McShann, Jay Muskogee


Milton, Roy Wynnewood


Moran, Pat Enid


Moore, Marilyn Oklahoma City


Murray, Sunny Valiant


Pettiford, Oscar Okmulgee


Rivers, Sam El Reno


Royal, Marshall Sapulpa


Alto Sax/Clarinet
Rucker, Laura Unknown


Rushing, Jimmy Oklahoma City


Schneider, Moe Bessie


Simmons, John Haskel


Singer, Hal Tulsa


Tenor Sax
Smith, Howard Ardmore


Starr, Kay Dougherty


Thomas, Joe Muskogee


Tenor Sax
Thomas, Walter Muskogee


Tenor Sax/Clarinet
Wiley, Lee Fort Gibson


Williams, Claude Muskogee


Wilson, Joe Lee Bristow


Wright, Dempsey Calumet


Wrightsman, Stan Oklahoma City





Oklahoma-Based Jazz Bands (1920’s / 1930’s)


Oklahoma City:


Andrew Rushing Band Al Denny  
Glover’s “5” Jazz Orchestra Southern Serenaders  
Blue Devils Ernie Fields  
Jolly Harmony Boys – (Edward Christian) Clarence Love  
Ideal Jazz Orchestra    
Happy Black Acres    
Pails of Rhythm


Turk Thomas’ 10 Gobblers of Rhythm Bill Lewis’ Dixie Ramblers (Muskogee)  
Leslie Sheffield and the Rhythmaires Ted Armstrong Band (Clinton)  
Charlie Christian’s Combo Pettiford Family Band (Okmulgee)  

Published in The Chronicle OHS


Jazz Artists Born In Oklahoma


May 23, 2013    in  the MUSKOGEE DAILY PHOENIX
Blues inductees to jam this weekend in Rentiesville
By Leilani Roberts Ott Phoenix Correspondent
Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Scott Ellison of Tulsa calls blues “the real true art form of American music.”

Ellison along with June McKinney, Robbie Mack McLerran, Broadway Jimmy Thomas, Danny Timms and Slugger Trask are being inducted into the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Down Home Blues Club in Rentiesville. The Oklahoma City Blue Devils will receive the D.C. Minner Lifetime Achievement Award, according to Selby Minner, co-founder of the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame. Several others will be honored for Keeping the Blues Alive through archiving, recording and media.

“This year is a milestone here in Rentiesville for the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame — our 10th year of inductions,” Minner said. “We’ll sprinkle the awards through the night.”

Several of the inductees will perform, including Ellison and Timms, during the gala that includes a barbecue dinner and awards ceremony. It is open to the public at a cost of $10. Past hall of fame winners like Baby Ray Mucker, Leon Rollerson and the Production, Jim Davis, and Minner and Blues on the Move with Okahoma Slim will play the blues until about midnight.

Minner and her husband, the late D.C. Minner, started the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame after he was inducted into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

“He told me they’re going to miss a bunch of people. He said we’re not big and flashy but when you’ve worked your whole life, you want to be honored,” she said. “So we decided to do it.”

The D.C. Minner Lifetime Achievement Award is going to the Oklahoma City Blue Devils.

“Count Basie produced some of the most blues driven jazz ever created with these musicians from the Oklahoma City Blue Devils,” Minner said. “My favorite Basie quote goes; “If you want the best, get a Blue Devil.”

Inductees are selected by a committee of blues scholars who bring suggestions to a meeting of the Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc., a non-profit organization. Ellison, McLerran and Thomas said they are “honored” to be inducted.

“It’s a dream come true,” Ellison said. “To be in that group with all those great musicians … it’s a great accomplishment.”

He said he’ll be “jammin’ and playing” with Timms during the ceremony.

McLerran of Tulsa said he’s honored and surprised. He said he’s still being “Okiefied” since he wasn’t born in Oklahoma. He had a songwriting partner from Oklahoma and came here from Colorado. He has played the Dusk ’Til Dawn Blues Festival in Rentiesville since 1998 with his son, Little Joe McLerran. He and his son will be performing at a festival in Kansas on Saturday but will attend the jam session at the Down Home Blues Club at 6 p.m. Sunday.

Thomas of Los Angeles, Calif., also won’t be able to attend the ceremony but plans to pick up his award when he performs at the Dusk ’Til Dawn Blues Festival on Labor Day weekend.

“It’s a great honor to me,” Thomas said. “I wasn’t born in Oklahoma, but I grew up with it. I know a lot of musicians from Oklahoma. I’ve been doing the festival since 2001.”

He’s been playing the blues for more than 50 years.

“I’m still playing music at 72,” he said. “I play bass and saxophone.”

Ellison believes the best blues musicians have Oklahoma roots.

“Blues is so real,” he said. “Pop music and country music always changes. Blue remains true to its art form.”

He got his start when he saw The Rolling Stones on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

“I got to do that,” he said he thought. “It electrified me.”

Ellison and his band along with a few other musicians just recorded several tracks for a new CD at Leon Russell’s church studio. “Hit It, Get It and Go” will be released in six to nine months. He’ll perform songs from his current CD, “Walkin’ Through the Fire,” at the ceremony Saturday.
2013 Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame inductee bios
• D.C. Minner Lifetime Achievement Award: Oklahoma City Blue Devils — The early jazz tradition in Oklahoma was more closely associated with the blues tradition than in many other places, Selby Minner said. The Territorial Bands played both jazz and blues traveling to Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. One group was renowned for being the best of these many musicians. This was the Oklahoma City Blue Devils. They would continually win when the bands got together to compete with each other. Count Basie – Bill Moten – followed them and played with them. The story goes, one night when they were back East and did not get paid after a gig and he took over the leadership position.

• Scott Ellison toured in the bands of: Jessica James, who is Conway Twitty’s daughter. Veteran bluesman Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown plucked the energetic guitarist as rhythm player for his own band, she said. A move to Los Angeles during the mid-1980s found Ellison playing and touring with groups like The Box Tops, The Shirelles, The Coasters, and Peaches and Herb. By the 1990s, he formed his own blues band and opened up shows for such legends as Joe Cocker , Roy Orbison, The Fabulous T-birds and Buddy Guy. As a songwriter, he composed enough material to record and release his first two solo efforts, “Chains of Love” on Quicksilver Records and “Live at Joey’s” on Red Hot Records. Returning back to his home in Tulsa, Ellison teamed with longtime friend Terry Lupton to write 10 more tunes for his next release, “Steamin’” on Fishhead Records, which garnered critical acclaim, Minner said. Ellison then co-wrote and recorded “One Step from the Blues” on JSE, a Tulsa sound rhythm and blues record featuring well-known Tulsa musicians. As a songwriter, Ellison has had his songs featured on TV shows “Sister Sister,” “Eye on L.A.,” “Santa Barbara” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Burnside Records is proud to release Bad Case Of The Blues available at all fine record stores, by mail-order through Burnside Records or online at www.burnsiderecords.com. Scott is currently touring across the U.S., Canada and Europe with accompanying radio and retail in-store performances.

• June McKinney — Famed pianist for jazz greats including Count Basie and the Thad Jones Trio, she is also the mother of Michael McKinney, road bassist for Michael Jackson on his world tour, recommended by Nate Watts. Michael went around the world three times playing bass. Credited on the Jacksons album “Triumph” (Epic, 1980), and is the bassist heard on “Jacksons: Live” (Epic, 1981). McKinney was a famed Oklahoma City music educator as well.

• Robbie Mack McLerran — He was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2012 along with the other members of the Astronauts, the surf band from Boulder, Colo., who became popular in the 1960s releasing albums on the RCA label. The Astronauts moved their base of operations to California in 1967 where the band realigned with Capitol Records, changing the band’s name to Hardwater and moving in a psychedelic rock direction. In 1970 McLerran teamed with Oklahoma native John Herron forming a songwriting partnership and country rockish band, Boondoggle & Balderdash, releasing two LP records for the MCA record group. In the mid-1970s he returned to Colorado in order to focus on his family. His musical interest moved to the early blues and jazz styles. The family moved to Tulsa in 1998. His son, Little Joe McLerran, following in his father’s footsteps, became a musician and in 2009 won the International Blues Challenge (IBC) representing the Blues Society of Tulsa. McLerran has performed and toured internationally with his son ever since.

• Broadway Jimmy Thomas — He played in 1968 for Taj Mahal and on his album “Taj Mahal” with Jesse Ed Davis. He worked with Johnny Otis in 1967 and spent one year in Hawaii with a band. He also worked with Joe Houston and Jay McNeely and the West Coast Horn Section. He was in the band for Screamin’ Jay Hawkins of “I Put a Spell on You” fame. He played with Phillip Walker, Smokey Wilson and Sonny Rhodes — West Coast blues players. He worked with Phillip Walker for years. Jimmy half way grew up in Wichita, Kan., and he played with Oklahoma Ollie Gaines, Eddie Taylor and Larry Johnson through a booking agent called Aunt Cat and Uncle Bob which booked teenage bands to dances across the Wichita, Kan., and Western Oklahoma area. He was born in Salina, Texas, 50 miles from the Red River. His mother had family in Oklahoma so he spent childhood summers and holidays living and visiting.

• Danny Timms — When he wasn’t writing and touring with Kris Kristofferson, playing keyboards for The Fabulous Thunderbirds or making his acting debut as a hippie band member in a “Married With Children” TV episode, Timms joined a project they called “Little Whisper and the Rumors.” Billed as “the greatest little band you never heard,” they were hired by Bonnie Raitt to join her touring band in the early 1990s. One song he co-wrote, “A Moment of Forever,” became the title track of a Willie Nelson album and was also recorded by several others.

• Slugger Trask — The band received the Best Self Produced Album of the Year for the album “Slugger Trask: Groove Injected” at the 2007 International Blues Challenge. The band also won first in the Bands of the World Tour in 2007. The tour played shows in 12 U.S. cities. Slugger was half Cherokee and hails from the Miami area.



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Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.

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