Dusk ‘Til Dawn Rentiesville Blues Festival

Down Home Blues Club

Rentiesville, Oklahoma 74459

mail — 103020 DC Minner Street Checotah, OK 74426 (918) 855-0978

www.dcminnerblues.com     e selbyminner@gmail.com

Welcome Vendors!

Welcome to the Dusk ‘Til Dawn Blues Festival! The festival began in 1991, and has gradually built a reputation for great blues music from Oklahoma. We hope that you will be with us as a concessionaire this year. Our dates are Labor Day weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5:00pm- 5:00 am, set-up is in the morning before noon.

The vendors set up on the midway between the outdoor and indoor stages. Bands start playing at 6:00 pm- the gates open at 4:00 pm. Music outside goes on until midnight or a little later. The Indoor stage goes on until 4 or 5 am. There is lots of foot traffic back and forth between the two stages, up and down the midway. Food vendors are on the south side of midway, and other vendors are on the north side. Each space is approximately 20 feet long.

FEES: Non- Food Vendors

$50.00 per day. Advance pay of $50 one day, $100 for two days or $150 for three days will hold your spot ASAP or first come first served. 110 current provided. Extra $25/day for 220 current.

We sell T-shirts, and only allow bands and blues societies to sell T shirts here. You will be provided with two vendor passes for workers of your booth; any additional people will be charged general gate admission ($15.00 per day.)

FEES: Food Vendors

$150.00 per day OR $400 for the 3 day weekend (includes discount), paid in full in advance. If, however you only pay for one day, you will be able to renew by the day during the Fest. ASAP; first come first served.

Current is provided to each booth and running water is near by. Our well tested OK but we do not use the water for drinking, but ok for cleanup. There is a secured overnight parking behind each space. We are trying to limit the number of vendors to eight, and keep menus exclusive so everyone has their own market cornered; two B-B-Que vendors. You will be provided with three vendor passes for workers of your booth; any additional people will be charged general gate admission ($15.00 per day, kids and 3 hour volunteers free.)

Important Vendor Information

Vendor entrance will be gate number 4, the furthest one south around the corner on DC Minner Street. Sorry, but we cannot sell you ice. It takes two full ice trailers to chill our beer and pop. You will be on your own for ice. Two vendor wristbands (for non-food vendors) and three vendor wrist bands (for food vendors) is covered by the daily fee. 

All people on the grounds must have on a wristband at all times. Others will be charged the general admission of $20.00 per day. However, those who pay general admission have an option of signing up and volunteering for three hours and get the $20.00 back and half off on a festival T-shirt.

PLEASE HELP US OUT – if you see or serve people with no wrist bands on their wrists please act normal to them but immediately notify our security!

Set Up Time: 9 am until noon each day, at which time gate 4 will be closed. Please have your booth open and ready for sales by 6 when the music starts. One vehicle will be allowed (and required to stay) on the field; and only the other vehicles parked in the free lot across the street can come and go at any time.

We Will Handle The Sales Of Beer And Pop, however you are welcome to sell any non-carbonated beverages.

Booths and trailers MUST be self-contained. Please be certified with a state health license, and be prepared to also pay your own sales taxes, as we do not report your sales at the event.

If anyone will work with us by accepting meal tickets from our musicians and staff we would be grateful. They will be redeemed in the office at the end of the night or the end of the festival; that is up to you. If you are willing to redeem them at a discount to us (say 20%) we would appreciate that even more!



Dusk ‘Til Dawn Rentiesville Blues Festival

PLEASE SEND TO : Down Home Blues Club or
screen shot and send to FaceBook Page: Selby Sue Minner or text to our phone. 

           103020 DC Minner Street (918) 855-0978   

           Rentiesville, Oklahoma 74459     

www.dcminnerblues.com    selbyminner@gmail.com

Vendor Letter of Agreement


Name  ___________________________________________________________        Telephone _________________                                       


Company or Booth Name         ________________________________________________________________   
address ________________________________________________________________                                                              


 Advance pay $150 per day (includes admission wristbands for 3) You may pay one day and extend by the day during the Fest OR – $50 discount – pay $400 now for all three days. 220 current available for extra $25 / day, $75 total for all three days




– Advance pay $50 per day ($50, $100 or $150) which includes admission wristbands for 2 each day

State Health Certificate & Sales Tax form Enclosed__________
   I will use 110___     Amount Enclosed




FRIDAY__________   SATURDAY __________________           SUNDAY  ______________________              


ITEMS WE WILL PROPOSE TO SELL: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                      



We will bring a two gallon fire extinguisher and have a safe large electrical cord for connecting to your power.

We understand that we will be self contained and sell no alcohol, beer or carbonated beverages, that we are responsible for providing copies of our OK sales tax and OK food license permits with this application to sell at the festival, that we assume any and all liability associated with our operation on festival dates. Further more, Food Vendor warrants Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc./ Dusk ‘Til Dawn Blues Festival that it has appropriate insurance coverage for any liabilities that may arise out of it’s operations at the festival.

Services provided TO Vendor: Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc. / Dusk ‘til Dawn Blues Festival will provide a designated spot on the festival field where the Vendors are to operate, 60 amp, 110 volt electric only – 220 is extra –supply during the festival, hire security guards to be present during all performances, and one to remain overnight. You will have overnight parking close to vendor location; also the site parameter is fenced in.

/Owner/ Operator Sign: _____________________________________    Office Use: Friday pd_____  

_                                                                                                                        Saturday pd:   __________________    

                                                                                                                          Sunday pd:   _______________________                         

                                                                                                                          TOTAL pd:  _____________