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  listening to Selby Minner Band in Rentiesville, OK.

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copy and paste live at Honor Heights Park July 4 2014

live at fest 23 Sept 2013 courtesy of Alice April


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DC best by Richard Byrs on stool w guitar for OJHOF inductionbluesonmovelogosmall


CD we need Money cover web ready etterdfeb 11 


W                     with Dan “Oklahoma Slim”
WE NEED MONEY. . . Let’s Give this Romance A Chance!

   Please go check it out at – We hope you enjoy it! — listening to Selby Minner Band in Rentiesville, OK.                 

Americana roots with fantastic lead guitar.
   SELBY MINNER and her band Blues on the Move has emerged as the cutting edge of blues out of Rentiesville OK.  An OK Blues Hall of Fame Inductee and KBA in Education recipient, Selby covers vocals and bass. Lead guitarist OKLAHOMA SLIM – J. DAN ORTIZ Jr.  adds a lot of fire! He plays wild and free blues. This Hendrix-inspired blues and classic rock guitarist also had bands in Germany and Florida.

      Selby worked in the band Blues on the Move 31 years with her late husband Blues Legend D.C. Minner (1935-2008), touring nationally.  Together they founded the Down Home Blues Club in 88 when they reopened his family’s Juke Joint started in 1935. Also started the Rentiesville BLUES FESTIVAL (1991) and the OK Blues Hall of Fame (1994). D.C. penned most of the album’s tunes.
      Selby and boyfriend Dan keep all this moving forward at the Minner birthplace in Rentiesville, open all summer with weekly  Sunday  JAM SESSIONS, LESSONS and the 24th annual Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival — coming up August 29, 30 and 31st! …30 bands on three stages check out the website. The Band tours in the winter across the South and South West.

THE TUNES     Recommended for air play:

1.)    We Need Money 6:12, title track. Upbeat with a funky rhythm, written by D.C. Minner. The lament of a woman who is trying to keep her family together – and keep her man!

4.)    No Money Blues 6:36 slow blues..…this has an interesting story. Selby and D.C. worked a lot through the Oklahoma Arts Council, all across the state doing residencies – week long stints doing Blues in the Schools.  This particular residency she was in Locust Grove at the alternative ed school. The teacher, Marsha Whalen said the students had to also write a song – besides learning 5 tunes and being in the band for their graduation party at the end of the week. The next day when Selby came to class, the kids had voted on a title. “No Money Blues” Marsha required each of the 22 students to come up with one line. They had a lot to say!! Homer went home and came back with the melody and chords; and Selby wove the 22 ideas into verses…check it out!

SELBY MINNER  &  BLUES ON THE MOVE with Dan “Oklahoma Slim” Ortiz
           WE NEED MONEY. . .Let’s Give this Romance A Chance!
     We all want to thank each and every one who has believed in our music.
We Need Money. . . D.C. Minner. . .6:12
Are You Havin Any Fun?  . . D. C. Minner. . .6:23
Heard You Twice the 1st Time  D.C.Minner 3:53
No Money Blues. . . Homer Johnson,
               Locust Grove Learning Center Kids, Selby. . .

 5.   Shoppin’ – America’s # 1 Sport. . . Selby. . . 3:53 

 6.   Too Many Parties . . . D.C. Minner. . .3:39

 7.   So Long, Baby Bye ByeSelby Minner. . .3:49 

Selby  Minner Vocals, Bass,      Dan ‘Oklahoma Slim’ Ortiz  Lead
Homer Johnson  Guitar,            Rudy Scott  Keyboard                                                  
          Torrence ‘Bear’ Cushinberry  Drums                                                                            DC Minner
Contact:  103020  DC St  Checotah OK 74426 (918) 855-0978  facebook Selby Minner   TEXAS ROAD RECORDING  RENTIESVILLE OK


DEMO COVER composite photo@ Elmos BEST