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Kind words from Tulsa Sign Painter Sluggo Gerard Berlinguette …”There’s Selby Minner she runs Rentiesville Blues Club in Rentiesville Oklahoma south of Muskogee about 20 miles …. very fun place to go and historic music players go there and play some great blues and all kinds of music at the historical landmark ….you need to go to visit her! … and by the way I painted her guitar right there I put her name on it! . one of the most famous people in Oklahoma… great musician, she runs a great show and she plays great and sings good, and that’s what I’m talking about! .. got to check out! …when she comes to Tulsa and plays, too …she brings great musicians with her, like Marijuana Mike and a few other great players… they’re all good! keep an eye out for it – she knows how to play and runs a great band!”
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MY CORE GROUP  _ Hoimaha Coin guitar, Selby Bass and Marijuana Mike on Keys!!! various wonderful drummers…

Selby and band at Grreg and Carols Selby and bass Sluggos sign at Greg and Carols  
Selby and bass Sluggos sign at Greg and Carols


                                                           Selby and keyboardMan Marijuana Mike 
                                                   Recital of a Guitar Class in Muskogee at 

Three Rivers Museum ..BJ, Ben, Ms Faye,  Selby, Sheena, Norman 



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Selby Plays Cantab Lounge Mass Ave in Central Square   KBA winner in Education Blues Foundation 1999

“Blues on the Move…roots Americana with a fantastic guitar player” Joe Mack, The Current Buzz


Shiron’s view of the festival – our emcee!

SELBY BAND PACKAGE    Selby Dan great fri
THIS LINK will get you to several great live and studio recordings of the band  Selby and DC  at Mayfest:

KBA Recipient     Selby KBBF Debut story   
                                    D.C. the night he was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame…4000 people, 4 standing ovations in a 20 minute set – career highlight!

Selby won a KBA from the Blues Foundation together w D.C. in 1999 for teaching kids about the blues 
The Band played the Helena King Biscuit too! 

OBHOF inductee Selby Minner recently was awarded Music Legend Award 2014 from the International Barebones Film Festival!! Selby has performed on stage with Albert Collins at Mayfest in Tulsa, opened for Albert King for 20,000 people, Johnny Rawls at the Cimarron in Tulsa and in his band for several years at the Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival over Labor Day weekend, Drink Small, Hubert Sumlin, Lowell Fulsom in Tulsa at the Juneteenth on Greenwood Festival and in OKC at Traditions 89, Big Bad Smitty, Larry Davis, Smokey Wilson, Little Johnny Taylor, Tony Mathews, Harry and Debbie Blackwell, Lucinda Williams at the Cains and countless others. “Selby has worked tirelessly to develop the music community and spread the good word about Oklahoma Blues. Whether teaching, performing solo guitar, or on bass and vocals fronting her band Blues On the Move – Selby demonstrates her prowess as the Blueswoman.”

Helena cropped!                                            Blues On The Move plays the King Biscuit Blues Festival with Oklahoma Slim, Wolfman Black and Cecil Gray in the band…. in Helena Ar

Testimonial from grandmother of a Selby Guitar Student: “You are just amazing. Victor gets in the car so excited. When we got home he played his new notes and talked up a storm. Thank you. I’ll have him again in two weeks and if you are free he’d love another lesson. ” Ann Chronister February 4, 2023

Please go check it out at – We hope you enjoy it! — listening to Selby Minner Band in Rentiesville, OK.

bluesonmovelogosmalla great head shohot       


selby Patagonia 2014



. . . . . . See Selby and Dan “Oklahoma Slim” and Steve Shrum and Daniel Williams play at the Blues Fest Sunday Sept 1st 2013- thanks to Alice April Video:.





 …Holly Harris- Blues Radio Queen of Boston – on the left! So great to play in Boston again… this was the trip I took up there in Late Sept and Early Oct 2019      


Selby COME FLY W THE BLUES logo(2)

Come Fly with the blues!

Always singing… Selby Minner and Blues on the Move… This band has morphed over the years since D.C. and Selby first left Berkeley CA together in 1977. Countless drummers – a reunion in every region from Seattle to RI when the band lived on the road for 12 years. D has been gone  since 2008, … Selby went thru a reggae phase w Cryout and a jazz phase with Rudy Scott. Homer Johnson has been on rhythm  – and others  – Steve Shrum and Cecil Gray. Dan “Oklahoma Slim” added great energy to the band with his tremendous creativity and finesse with distortion and all… Blues on the Move! RocknRick Patterson above center at the Rentiesville Fest with Selby


Daniel Wms BEST Blues IMG_7340

       Daniel Williams on traps at OSU TI in Okmulgee

 DW Moore and Marijuana Mike and the Corvette in Wagoner at Budz

DC Selby glossy from and by Richard Byrd GREAT

The originals! D.C. Minner and Selby out on the desert in Bisbee. The band met in the Bay Area – Berkekey- and lived on the road for 12 years before settling in Rentiesville and reopening his grandmother’s Cozy Corner as the Blues Club in 1988 . . .Richard Byrd Photo.

enid story on Selby