Here’s how you can volunteer at the best blues festival in the state! If you have any questions call Selby Minner at 918-855-0978

DC water bottle labes design just DCEach year, the festival is staffed and supported by hundreds of dedicated and hardworking folks; most volunteer their time and effort to help ensure Rentiesville Blues Festival is enjoyed by every attendee. It is this dedication that allows Dusk til Dawn to run successfully. 

If you help us out for three hours you get in that night for free and half off on a Festival T shirt. A $28 dollar value!

Come in early – gates open at 4 and music starts at 6 PM so come in before 7 pm at least. Pay your $18 at the gate and go to HEADQUARTERS TENT (can’t miss it).

Give them your cell phone number, and get on the schedule for a three hour shift. When you come back to start your shift you will get a second wrist band. When your three hours are done, you will get your second wrist band removed and a refund on your $18 entry fee and a T Shirt 1/2 off coupon. If you work two nights you get in free both nights and your T Shirt is free!

BETTER YET – VOLUNTEER BEFORE THE EVENT!  You can volunteer any weekend in August and / or during the entire last week before the Festival, and get your wristbands ahead so you can just come in and enjoy the show!tent crowd Sl Willie

This is a great way to meet the other music lovers who help us do the festival…and if you are planning to attend by yourself you will get to know people here and be busy.

Jobs include Parking lot, cleanup, hauling amps across the field for the musicians, Kid’s Village with the puppets, selling beer or pop, waitress in club, survey and more 




Making A Difference In Our Community
Selby Minner – Jan 11, 2020

AGE: 70

DAY JOB: Musician.

VOLUNTEER: Muskogee Area Arts Council, Checotah Library, Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame. 

Blues musician and artist Selby Minner talks about volunteering, the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame, and how music motivates her work.


“Well, music has done so much for me in my life that I like to give forward, and I love kids and I love people. I just love it — I love this music. It’s been a good life for me. I’m very blessed.”


“This is a democracy, you only get to vote once a year in elections and stuff like that. But you get to vote on your community every day when you volunteer. It’s helping create the world you live in when you volunteer.”


“We bring 200 musicians out here, we have the Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival, which is Sep. 4-6 this year. The other thing we do for programming is that we do the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame. The goal is just to keep the music alive. People can volunteer at the festival, or just attend the events, or we have a nonprofit, the Friends of Rentiesville. People can visit and join the email list so they’ll be in the loop.”


Know somebody who is making a difference in the community through their volunteer efforts? Let us know so we can feature them in this space. Send email to or call (918) 684-2929 and speak to Executive Editor Elizabeth Ridenour.

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Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
 – Marjorie Moore – and we love our volunteers! Impossible without them . . . and our sponsors too!