PDF FILE     PRESS RELEASE 25 Years and Going Strong – Rentiesville Blues Festival
PRESS RELEASE 25 Years and Going Strong – Rentiesville Blues Festival.

CONTACT INFO Selby Minner 918 855 0978 FB Rentiesville Blues
35 bands on 3 stages, 5 pm until 5 am $15/day, Volunteers and Kids Free,
Rentiesville OK is off US 69, 5 miles N of I-40 …2 exits North OR and 3 exits South of Muskogee –
25 Years And Going Strong-
The Rentiesville Blues Festival
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The Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival will take place from Friday Sept 4th until Sunday Sept 6th from 5 pm until 5 am. Presented in Rentiesville at the D.C. Minner Museum and OBHOF, 422978 John Hope Franklin Blvd. Tickets are $15 per person per day with children ages 12 and younger free. For more information on tickets, performance times, camping, or volunteering, visit the website or call 918 855 0978

Friends of Rentiesville Blues and Selby Minner are proud to announce a full line-up of local, regional and national acts for the 25th annual Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival, slated for Labor Day weekend. The festival will be held at the old Minner family-farm-turned-venue, the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame on Sept 4 – 6th.



WORKSHOPS all week from some of our best
Technology – check him out Roger Hurricane Wilson bring him your questions!!
web, social media and digital recording INFO
Debbie Blackwell how to make your own CDs
Harold Aldridge where did the blues com from?
Bonnie McCoy The Memphis Minnie & Big Joe Wms connection

SPECIAL CD Project funded by the OAC – Checotah High School’s Rt 66 Big Band headed by Jim Davis OBHOF and Roger Hurricane Wilson OBHOF. Roger will come in from GA and record a blues/jazz CD with the students during the week of the festival!
AND Volunteer Sponsor Party Under the Tent THURSDAY nite with Danny Timms 7 – 9 Sept 3 – as a thank you to Sponsors and the ’20 hour pre-fest volunteers’
It takes a lot to do a Blues Festival – come HELP early, meet people, and start the night BeFoRe!
D.C. Minner Rentiesville MUSEUM –Opened recently!! and the Honey Springs Visitor and Research Center across the street to the NE is now under construction!


FRIDAY, September 4th 2015
Rentiesville Blues Festival at D.C. Minner’s

4:00pm Gates open; Happy Hour
between sets: Harold Aldridge, OBHOF – Taft and Tahlequah OK
6:00 Eric Sengbusch – Houston
7:15 Jus Sayin – Tulsa
8:30 Selby Minner, OBHOF and Dan Oklahoma Slim Blues on the Move
9:45 Wanda Watson – Tulsa, OBHOF
11 Johnny Rawls – Blues Foundation Soul Blues Artist of the Year Miss
12 Layce Baker Jr. And Black Diamond – California, Oklahoma, OBHOF

6:00 Mike LaFever – Tulsa
7:15 Oklahoma Ollie – Los Angeles, OK
8:30 The ROXY in Muskogee – Spotlight on Young Talent Group
9:45 Spa City Blues Society, Blues in the Schools group
11 Dirty Red and The Soul Shakers with Ron Hubbard (formerly w Miss Blues)

BLUES CLUB STAGE indoors Fri Sept 4
6:00 Kit Love Robertson, Anarchy Blues Boulder, Muskogee
7:15 Harry and Debbie Blackwell both OBHOF – Dunsmuir CA
8:30 Bat-Or Kalo – Israel
9:45 INDOOR JAM with Debbie Blackwell, Kit Love Robertson, Eric Sengbusch and more
12 – 5 am Selby and Band,
followed by Wanda Watson, Johnny Rawls and Layce Baker Jr. and Black Diamond

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5th 2015 Rentiesville Blues Festival at D.C. Minner’s

MAIN STAGE Sat Sept 5th
4:00pm Gates open; Happy Hour
between sets: Eric Walker OKC
6:00 Checotah H School Rt 66 Big Band with Roger Hurricane Wilson and Jim Davis OBHOF
7:15 Selby Minner band w Okla Slim, Cecil Gray OBHOF also Little Miss Peggy OBHOF
8:30 Lil Jimmy Reed coming in from Alabama
9:45 Miss Blues OBHOF Texas and OKC
11 Johnny Rawls – Blues Foundation Soul Blues Artist of the Year from Mississippi
12 Oklahoma Ollie LA, CA and OK

BACK PORCH STAGE Sat September 5th
6:00 Mama Cookie OKC
7:15 Dylan Whitney Band
8:30 Bonnie McCoy – great neice of Memphis Minnie here from Kansas City
9:45 Heather Buckley Tulsa – formerly with Salty Dog
11 Big MaClyde Sheeley Wichita KS
12 Cowboy, Bronko, – Checotah and Big Dave Carr Jr (sax) – Dallas

BLUES CLUB STAGE indoors Sat Sept 5th
5:00 Dues Paid – Bartlesville with Wolf Man Black OBHOF
7:15 Sunsetter – OKC
8:30 Cecil Gray and Band
9:45 INDOOR JAM with Debbie Blackwell and Berry Harris and more
12 – 5 am Selby and Band,
followed by Lil Jimmy Reed and Johnny Rawls and Miss Blues maybe Layce Baker Jr.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 6th 2015 Rentiesville Blues Festival at D.C. Minner’s

MAIN STAGE Sun Sept 6th
4:00pm Gates open; Happy Hour
between sets: Roger Hurricane Wilson OBHOF, GA and w Bonnie McCoy sometimes
6:00 GOSPEL including Rev. Harper of Eufaula and Rev Tony Wise’s Men’s Chorus
7:15 Direct Connect OKC
8:30 Selby Minner Dan Oklahoma Slim and Steve Shrum
9:45 Larry Garner Baton Rouge Louisianna
11 Johnny Rawls – Blues Foundation Soul Blues Artist of the Year from Mississippi

7:15 Piano Man
8:30 Last Call -
9:45 Baby Ray Mucker OBHOF – Pittsburg CA, McAlester
11 Magic Mike Updegrove 12 Dangerous GentlemsnZ

BLUES CLUB STAGE indoors Sun Sept 6th
6:00 Brothers Dupree with Sista Sarah Wade – Lawton OK
7:15 Berry Harris – OBHOF – Stringtown OK and Wichita KS
8:30 Jimmy Preacher Ellis – OBHOF – Seattle, Tulsa, now Dallas
9:45 INDOOR JAM with Debbie Blackwell and Cecil Gray, Jimmy Ellis, Berry Harris and
12 – 5 am Selby and Band, Bonnie McCoy
followed by Larry Garner Band and Johnny Rawls with Harry Blackwell and more!

DD 25 POSTCARD 2 back WEB R Bat-Or Kalo great black and white



Thanks for your support! All input welcome! Selby Minner F.O.R. Blues Inc. (918) 855 0978
carol pointe vendor   _MG_8791  Debbie Beanez Blackwell runs the invitational jam session in the club each night from 10 - 1 pm  DSC_3585

Carole Point, Debbie Blackwell, Debbie again, Brian McKinney and Selby below
  AA youtube headerDSC_2459

Spa City Youngbloods S
pa City Blues Soc presents the Spa City Youngbloods! Fri on the Back Porch Stage 9:45

    WOW – 20914 – what a festival! going viral on FACEBOOK, check SELBY MINNER pages for lots of links to great PHOTOS. . .we will post a lot of them soon. . . they would be on here already IF I was not so technologically  challenged…smile..


Last Call on TV8  two days before Fest Andrew Jr BoyAndrew Jr Boy  copy and paste to your web address searcher

Nov 15, 2014

T H A N K S  S O  M U C H 
for your support of our event!
Deep Appreciation for supporting the arts in Oklahoma!

The Blues Fest means a lotto many people and it is great to have you on board.


Number 25 next year !       Going to be a big one!
A Sponsor and Volunteer kick-off PARTY Thursday September 3rd 2015 under the tent!
Help us
grow, come have some munchies and enjoy music free!

new and exciting Vision starts in 2015 when

we we will go on-line as a museum in the Spring, open on Sundays.

In preparation for this, we have been going to archive workshops and joined the OK Museums Associationtoprepare for this growth – we had a report done by the Amigos Library Services assessing the archive which they agreed isan “important collection which should stay in Rentiesville.”

Theyvisited and created aSite Survey Report for Archive Preservation and Development. (We have 75 photo albums, countless digital photos, hundreds of CDs from all the players on the festivals and all the fest applicants, D.C. Minner’s recording studio, all the out-takes of the many songs he wrote, posters, hats, clothes, and much more.)
Vision has always focused on Education – we teach a lot of music here in Rentiesville and also teach through various libraries and organizations. We plan to include this important goal directly at the festival and will be adding pre-fest workshops from some of the performers before the festival next year.

G O A L S for NEXT YEAR 2015 – Our 25th !!

sponsor banners on the field will be lighted
we will be credit card ready – at least at the gate

our expanded parking lot will be back in order
and we will improve our main stage!

Our Mission Statement: To preserve and develop African American Music(s) Through Education and Entertainment.” This builds community.

The simplicity of the Blues makes it user friendly to play and a great ‘gateway music’ to playing all genres of music Blues is the language of African American history. It is a living language; capable of describing this history as it happens in the present as well as the past. It expresses not only events, but the reactions and feelings of the people who live through the events of their lives. D. C. Minner was one of the greatest speakers of that language in Oklahoma. He taught it to his wife Selby and she continues to be determined to pass it on to the next generation.


A great year. . . With lots of help . . . .


Our friend LAYCE posted this to her face book page:



Donna McGirt, Eugene Colbert, DW Moore, John Bailey, Harry Williams, Su Riddle, Staff Selby

F R I E N D S & S P O N S O R S H I P S


The Oklahoma State Arts Council Gerry James White Fang Enterprises

PLATINUM level: Nichols Dollar Saver of Checotah A & B Distributors, Budweiser Jack Hodge Group and James Hodge Ford Oklahoma Humanities Council

GOLD level: Republic Guitars, FRIX Construction, Hillcrest Health, Discovery Counseling,

Wagoner and Muskogee, Joy Harjo Mekko Productions, Square Deal Music, The Bank of Eufaula, The Castle in Muskogee,

SILVER Janiece Vest State Farm in Eufaula, Armstrong Bank, Creek Nation, the Pulse Magazine, What About Bob’s, Fenton Nissan in McAlester, McKenzie and Company T shirts,

Darkwood Productions

BRONZE Peoples National Bank Access Health Sue’s Recycling, Frame Lumber Foresee

Concrete Legends Beauty Shop McAlester Hoss Style Wheels Checotah and Eufaula Checotah

Chamber of Com Leon Rollerson Production Narva and Larry Johnson Foundation Gary

Coleman Farmers ins.

W e U s e Y o u r D o l l a r s W is e l y ! ! !

The Oklahoma State Arts Council stated:

“Very nice line-up. Unique festival in an isolated and underserved area of the state.

This is an incredible example of a little money going a very long way”

N e w S p o n s o r O p p o r t u n I t i e s

You can have your name on a stage OR the Sponsor-Volunteer Party on Thursday. Or you could sponsor one day or a the full week of workshops before the Festival. A specialty T Shirt ( D.C. Minner quotes, unique art . . .) could have ONLY your name on the back! Lots of possibilities for getting your name in front of the music lovers who follow and who come to out event just give me a call and I would be happy to work out all the details with you.

K e e p Y o u r L e g a c y A l i v e

The Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc. would appreciate you remembering the organization after you

are gone and in turn you will be remembered for doing such an awesome thing over the years. If you are interested in leaving The Friends of Rentiesville Blues a charitable bequest, the

language in your will should contain the following:

I/We give the Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc. (EIN 27-0051206) , a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit

Corporation, the following money or asset (described here) to benefit their charitable purpose. F.O.R. Blues encourages you to consult your planner, tax professional or attorney when preparing your charitable bequest.”

Many thanks again for any and all support from you over the years. They say it ‘takes a village to raise a child,’ and we know it takes a lot of friends to keep a Blues Festival alive 25 years
…You all make it all worthwhile. – and . . .FUN!

Looking forward to many more wonderful years ahead of us to continue D.C’s dream !!


Selby Minner

and Friends of Rentiesville Blues

(918) 855-0978 Rentiesville Blues Festival 2015 Sept 4, 5, 6 Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame 701 D.C. Minner Street Rentiesville OK 74459, Selby and Blues on the Move fb Selby Minner

Here is the





KerriePress Release Guitar Shorty Inducted to OBHOFNew OpenDocument Text

 Down Home Blues, Oklahoma Style – 200 musicians; 30 bands on 3 stages; a showcase of regional OK blues and 4 international headliners; kids freeMark your calendar for Labor Day Weekend; come to the longest running big blues fest in OK This is a “rain or shine” event! Bring lawn chairs. No coolers or containers. No animals, pets except “service dogs” allowed. No weapons, drugs or alcohol may be brought onto the grounds.
 Press Release JUNE 25 2014  ——    CHECK OUT

   Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
Marjorie Moore

For More Information call 918-855-0978

Festival Location: 701 D.C. Minner St, Rentiesville, OK


D.C.’s spirit lives on …



 Facebook under Selby Minner for more information. Or call Selby & Co. at (918) 855-0978.

THIS IS THE BEST thanks to ALICE APRIL!!<iframe plus DD 2010 Johnny Rawls, Miss Blues Love and Happiness just after she opened for BB King


The Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival. . . created by D.C. Minner himself with, and now presented by, Selby Minner and the Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc., the old cotton field out back will ring with the blues!! D.C. (1935-2008, in 5 Halls of Fame) knew they were bulldozing old juke joints every day and has kept his family legacy alive here in Rentiesville, where he was born and raised, for people to enjoy from now on.  . . . Kids are free, we keep them busy. The CHS Adult Jazz band  ROUTE 66 BIG BAND will come in courtesy of Jim Davis. And there is a Gospel Show to start the Festivities on Sunday.  The outdoor part is the most family friendly Blues festival you will find. But adults only in the juke joint, please (!) All the headliners from the main outdoor stage come inside after midnight and perform their second sets. That part of the show goes on until 5 am! ., …

PLUS – see facebook Selby Minner for a great array of photos and video clips – thanks everybody – it was a great fest! also check out Debbie Blackwell’s jam session in the club during the festival!


Nick Int Cuisine Photo web R 180_180

Nick Brodner International Cuisine – a favorite vendor, will be back in 2014!



OK OLLIE B Porch Guy Folger img_9256_0173

    Annual LABOR DAY WKND Sept 4, 5, 6 2015
Three days and nights, Three stages, indoors and out…  35 bands, over 200 musicians, workshops, kid’s village, bar-b-que. We call it the ‘world’s largest back yard party’ and it is a fun time that attracts some 3,500 people to the historic rural Black Township Rentiesville, the birthplace and home of OK Blues Legend and founder D.C. Minner.
WHEN: 2014- Labor Day Wknd, Fri Sat Sun
WHO: a showcase of 22 regional groups and 5 nationally acclaimed headliners. We are a family event with two outdoor stages and lots for kids to do throughout the three day Festival. Plus the Juke Joint which goes after hours indoors (21 only)
What’s Cool, What’ Not: Bring chairs or blankets unless you come early. No coolers or pets or arms or carry in drinks or food.
HOW MUCH: Tickets are $15/day at the gate (about $1.50 a band!) KIDS under 12 FREE! Volunteers FREE!
CONTACT (918) 855-0978,, 701 D.C. Minner St Rentiesville OK 74459   facebook Selby Minner
Volunteer Option: It takes a lot of people to do this – we have a great deal for volunteers! The Volunteer Option: help us out for 3 hours, get your $15 for that day BACK and ½ off on a T-shirt!
WHERE WE ARE: DC Minner’s Down Home Blues Club in Rentiesville, OK (pop. 100)  is in the rural township of RENTIESVILLLE OK. Just off of US 69, follow the signs into Rentiesville to DC Minner Street and you are here….Rentiesville is 15 minutes South of Muskogee, 70 miles SE of Tulsa, 1 hour West of Fort Smith, 2 hours East of Oklahoma City — 2 exits north on  US 69 from I-40; 
MOTELS: We recommend any major chain in Muskogee, 15 minutes up US 69. Travel Lodge, Bacone Inn, Motel 6, Super 8, Ramada Inn. There are new motels in Eufaula, 15 minutes south near the lake…. In Checotah the motel we recommend is America’s Best across from the truck stop, near Wal-Mart.
CAMPING: Parking is free across the road. Also primitive camping. Or Lake Eufaula State Park, first come first served, as it is a holiday weekend. There is a KOA East of Checotah on I-40
SPONSORED BY: SPONSORS help make this happen…OK Arts Council, The Current,   Gerry James and White Fang Entertainment,  Republic Guitars, Discovery Counseling, James Hodge Ford in Muskogee, the ChecotahCreek Nation Casino, Okmulgee Muskovee Creek Nation,  People’s National Bank in Checotah, Armstrong Bank, The Current, The Pulse, mOKBlHofFamelogoBIG Budweiser, Coke, The Blues Festival Guide,  KMOD, Jammin’ John Peters,  KGOU, Preview, Tulsa World, The McIntosh County Democrat and the Indian Journal, The Muskogee Daily Phoenix,  SW Blues, BareBones Independant Filmmakers, Blues Society of Tulsa, OK Blues Society (, lots of friends who come early and help…!
HOSTED BY: OKLAHOMA BLUES HALL OF FAME, FRIENDS OF RENTIESVILLE BLUES INC. (a 501 c 3 not-for-profit corporation) together D.C. and Selby Minner founded it in 2003 so that the Fest could grow into the new millenium.  Our mission is “to preserve and develop African American Music through education and entertainment”.

DDlogobeaverbarnBEST RENTIESVILLE is…: 15 miles S of Muskogee, 125 miles E of OKC, 4 Hours N of Dallas and 1 hour SE of Tulsa   Info (918)855-0978

The Kid’s Village (“children under 12 are free and we keep them busy!” will rock to the conga drums once again with Jahruba and his drum circles. He is an OK State Arts Council roster artist and their funding through a series of grants has helped keep the festival alive over these 21 years. Kid’s Village would not be complete without Joann McMillan and her stick puppets (which require lots of little hands to make them dance across the field) . . . also GLENNA McBRIDE and more!

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
 – Marjorie Moore – and we love our volunteers! Impossible without them . . . and our sponsors too!