Blues Festival Dates in 2018 are August 31, Sept 1 & 2 Friday Saturday Sunday of Labor Day Weekend

Below is the 2017 show

Postcard 5 front 300   !LINEUP one sheet AUG 23 DD 27300

Eddie Bagwell from the Blues Soc of Tulsa wrote:                                      

“If you want to discover what the blues is really all about,
you’ll make plans for this one next year. .
…It was so beautiful and pure, I wish you were all there”

We made the cut!———-This article was from the National Geographic! 

10 Awesome Music Festivals to Check Out This Summer

We were the only North American Fest mentioned ! The festival is coming up soon, September 1-3. Come see us! #RentiesvilleRoadTrip 

PRESS RELEASE DD 27 June 27 no sponsors bestt     General info below

Last Summer’s NEWSLETTER ABOUT FEST 27 (click on link)   or–2–3-.html?soid=1128101186008&aid=vzmuJxudRps

We’re glad to have the support of new and old friends alike. Thanks to the soul group PamelaRise & Ginisys! Deep Soul performing artist Johnny Rawls will be here in opening night of the festival. You don’t want to miss it! 

Mato Indigenous 2  Kenny Diggs D'Elegantz   lil ED jumps
Press Rel w Sponsors June 28th page 1  Press Rel w Sponsors June 28th

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Back POrch Stage OHC sign Bronko COwboyLEON BLUE Deb Bynum 2012 Dusk til Dawn 159

sign great  

 Selby Minner Blues on the Move with Dan ‘Oklahoma Slim’…Patti Taylor Band…

FREE Camping (must have a festival wristband)
Electric Hookups for RVs are available  918 855 0978


LABOR DAY WKND August 31, Sept  1, 2, 2018   WHAT:
Three days and nights, Three stages, indoors and out…  35 bands, over 200 musicians, workshops, kid’s village, bar-b-que. The signature event of the D.C. Minner Rentiesville MUseum, OBHOF we fondly refer to the Fest a the ‘world’s largest back yard party’ and it is a fun time that attracts some 3,500 people to the historic rural Black Township Rentiesville, the birthplace and home of OK Blues Legend and founder D.C. Minner. His grandmother Miss Lura opened the Cozy Corner here in 1936 when D.C. was one year old.
WHEN:  Labor Day Wknd, Fri Sat Sun   5 pm til 5 am each night.
WHO: a showcase of 22 regional groups and 5 nationally acclaimed headliners. We are a family griendly  event with two outdoor stages and lots for kids to do throughout the three day Festival. Plus the Juke Joint which goes after hours indoors (21 only)
What’s Cool, What’ Not: Bring chairs or blankets unless you come early. No coolers or pets or arms or carry in drinks or food.
HOW MUCH: Tickets are $18/day at the gate (about $1.50 a band!) KIDS under 12 FREE! Volunteers FREE!
CONTACT (918) 855-0978,, 103020  D.C. Minner St (Rentiesville) Checotah OK 74426  facebook: Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival
Volunteer Option: It takes a lot of people to do this – we have a great deal for volunteers! The Volunteer Option: help us out for 3 hours, get your $15 for that day BACK and ½ off on a T-shirt! Get here shortly after the gates open at 4 to be assured of getting a shift. You pay your way in and come to headquarters just inside the gate. Many jobs available… parking lot, survey, pop sales etc. You may want to volunteer the week of the festival before it 918 855 0978. Otherwise, just show up! 


  Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
 – Marjorie Moore – and we love our volunteers! Impossible without them . . . and our sponsors too!

 MOTELS:  Muskogee is 12 miles north of here, straight up US 69. Newest motels are near the Quick Trip at the Shawnee Bypass intersection. The Fairfield Inn, LaQuinta and Motel 6 Studio and Muskogee Inn will treat you right. for all the info go to:                 MUSKOGEE MOTELS:

F.O.Rentiesville Blues Inc., does the event as does Selby and OBHOF and Volunteers



Down HOme Blues Club FLOOR               DD SITE MAP w INFO 1 PP   OAC logo 2011_color    BlFoundaStoryonDD festDD logo w lime green

click above ==Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Harry Blackwell, Selby Minner, Johnny Rawls, Leon Blue – closing out Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival 2011 in the club at 4 am or so
click above to see Joanna Connor who is coming to Rentiesville Fest on Friday this year Sept 2, 2016…


Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Fest DATES: Sept 1 – 3, 5 pm – 5 am. 
I wish Michael BUrks was still alive… here he does House oF the Rising Sun…was in Rentiesville 3 times…he just washed the house – the blues club – with sound!

We are 70 miles W of Fort Smith, 70 miles SE of Tulsa 125 miles E of OKC …we are 2 exits N of I-40 up US 69….918 855 0978.

LAST YEAR”S PR bellow:

 DD logo w green

 double click ANY  image for bigger better better…(!)

 carol pointe vendor       DSC_3585
Carole Point, Debbie Blackwell, Debbie again, Brian McKinney and Selby below  AA youtube headerDSC_2459

BIG GEORGE BROCK and Detonators in Rentiesville -great video!:


T H A N K S  S O  M U C H  for your support of our event! Deep Appreciation for supporting the arts in Oklahoma!The Blues Fest means a lot to many people and it is great to have you on board.


The simplicity of   Blues makes it user friendly to play and a great ‘gateway music’ to playing all genres of music. Blues is the language of African American history. It is a living language; capable of describing this history as it happens in the present as well as the past. It expresses not only events, but the reactions and feelings of the people who live through the events of their lives. D. C. Minner was one of the greatest speakers of that language in Oklahoma. He taught it to his wife Selby and she continues to be determined to pass it on to the next generation.


A great year. . . With lots of help . . . .


Our friend LAYCE posted this to her face book page:



Donna McGirt, Eugene Colbert, DW Moore, Dr. Harold Aldridge, Harry Williams, Dan Ortiz; Staff Selby

W e U s e Y o u r D o l l a r s W is e l y ! ! !

The Oklahoma State Arts Council stated:

“Very nice line-up. Unique festival in an isolated and underserved area of the state.

This is an incredible example of a little money going a very long way”

N e w S p o n s o r O p p o r t u n I t i e s

You can have your name on a stage OR the Sponsor-Volunteer Party on Thursday. Or you could sponsor one day or a the full week of workshops before the Festival. A specialty T Shirt ( D.C. Minner quotes, unique art . . .) could have ONLY your name on the back! Lots of possibilities for getting your name in front of the music lovers who follow and who come to out event just give me a call and I would be happy to work out all the details with you.

K e e p Y o u r L e g a c y A l i v e

The Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc. would appreciate you remembering the organization after you

are gone and in turn you will be remembered for doing such an awesome thing over the years. If you are interested in leaving The Friends of Rentiesville Blues a charitable bequest, the

language in your will should contain the following:

I/We give the Friends of Rentiesville Blues Inc. (EIN 27-0051206) , a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit

Corporation, the following money or asset (described here) to benefit their charitable purpose. F.O.R. Blues encourages you to consult your planner, tax professional or attorney when preparing your charitable bequest.”

Many thanks again for any and all support from you over the years. They say it ‘takes a village to raise a child,’ and we know it takes a lot of friends to keep a Blues Festival alive 25 years …You all make it all worthwhile. – and . . .FUN!

Looking forward to many more wonderful years ahead of us to continue D.C’s dream !!


Selby Minner

and Friends of Rentiesville Blues


D.C.’s spirit lives on …



 Facebook under Selby Minner

THIS IS THE BEST thanks to ALICE APRIL!!<iframe


DD 2010 Johnny Rawls, Miss Blues Love and Happiness just after she opened for BB King

 facebook Selby Minner Band for Blues on the Move Info

Nick Int Cuisine Photo web R 180_180
Nick Brodner International Cuisine – a favorite vendor

OK OLLIE B Porch Guy Folger img_9256_0173


2017 review comments by OAC

This long-standing blues festival brings three days of live music to eastern Oklahoma. The event has a strong impact on the rural community, drawing audiences from across the state and nation. An anticipated 3,500 adults and 150 youth will be reached by this project. Ticket prices are affordable at $15/day with children and volunteers receiving free admission. The extensive lineup of performers include several OAC roster artists. Panelists found the proposed regional and national marketing plan effective and applauded the community need statement for demonstrating the festival’s economic value. OAC funds to partially cover artistic fees, excluding payment of Selby Minner and Blues on the Move band as host and festival organizer. OAC funds are to support a portion of artistic fees.

Review Comments 2016


The applicant described a long-standing cultural event in a very rural and underserved community. The event has a strong reputation and attracts audience members and musicians from outside Oklahoma. Thorough explanation of expenses and income. Low cost of tickets ensures that this event is accessible. Culturally diverse audience and performing artists. Recommendations for the Applicant: Continue to seek out increased sponsorship and increasing vendor fees to continue toward sustainability for the festival. Review and refine social media platforms and presence as a component of overall marketing and event promotion. 

Review Comments 2015

This event brings in a unique group of musicians in a unique environment and underserved community. A grassroots festival with strong buy-in from the local community, and a festival that is rooted in the history of the area. Would assume this intimate setting creates a very personal experience for blues fans and musicians (both experienced and aspiring). Recommend they consider changing website to reflect festival brand. Organization does great outreach with students and seniors. Could use more details about “capital” expenses. Consider a ticket price increase as the price seems to have stayed the same for many years. 

  Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
 – Marjorie Moore – and we love our volunteers! Impossible without them . . . and our sponsors too!



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