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    • we honor them:
    • Donna Lady D Brewer Gone but not forgotten. We lost Donna in an accident shortly after she played pianio and sang here at the Mini Fest in 2017….. LadyDee could rock the house with the blues or in the name of the Lord..
    • Al Garcia Great diversity but roots in the blues…this drummer from Moore is solid, friendly. ..D.C. Used his to play an many school gigs in the metro area.
    • Carl Gray brother and long time music buddy/bassist of Inductee Cecil Gray.
    • Debbie Henning Long time singer guitarist songwriter. Debbie works solo a lot with her acoustic guitar. Out of OKC area….also on Second Life BLUE4U NOWICKA
      Debbie HenningSinger/Songwriter/Guitarist     Debbie Henning is a singer, songwriter and an accomplished guitarist. She couples her unique harmonies with 12 and six string acoustic guitars. She has been influenced most by the rock, folk, and blues styles of music and has had seven number one hits in their genre at the former Her daughter Trish Henning, also a highly talented musician, joins Debbie not only on stage since she was 12, but also in the ecording studio.Her Shades of Blue CD, released in the winter of 2003, features three-time world fiddle champ, Byron BerlineW C Handy award nominee, Mark Lyon and the artwork of Grammy award winner Jim Warren This CD was produced by Mark Lyon and features the talents of the finest recording artists from the surrounding area, including Trish Henning on cello on “If you could read my Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot. Two songs were written by Mark Lyon, and the remaining 9 by Debbie.Musical Influences     Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Janis Ian, Jim Croce
      Harry Chapin, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Billy Joel, Mark Lyon, Keb Mo

      Personal History        Debbie is originally from St. Charles, Missouri, a river city and now resides in Oklahoma City. She is a self-taught guitarist beginning at age eight. She began playing “risking getting caught” while playing older brother’s guitar. Received first guitar, a 12-string, at age 14, and played it exclusively for eight years including playing street music in the French Quarter. Debbie has played and traveled in 38 states. 

      CD Releases:     Ocean of EmotionStill BurningSnake Eyes Only Shades of Blue 2003

    • Main McMann From the OKC and Wichita KS region..
    • Bob Pacemaker Newham Worked with D.C. And Selby in Rentiesville and around the state in the 90s…
      relocated in North Hollywood, toured Europe with William Clark Band played with Rod Piazza and Honey Davis AND MANY MORE!
    • Ted Taylor Truly a star, out of Okmusgee with a string of hit records to his name
    • Pat Tointigh Solid bassist from the Lawton Area…plays with OBHOF Inductee Cecil Gray, Terry Tsotigh and many more
    • Terry Tsotigh great track record with his band Native Blues …playing Casinos across several states. Accomplished drummer, harmonica and Native American Flute player…from Edmond
    • Mike Winebrenner a great sax player and all around keeper of the Blues Flame from Tulsa  recently passed aaaway – a comment from a music buddy – 
      He came from a time in Muskogee, Oklahoma, when the school system had built a music program that rivaled those of many universities. The jazz studies were challenging for the students; the director of that particular regimen was beyond settling for “student” charts. He gave us some of the hardest free-form and avant-garde music available. The Jazz Ensemble consistently won the state competitions. Mike was a big part of the realization of the years of hard work and long hours. Stars in the jazz world of the day visited and held clinics for the members. On more than one occasion members were asked to go on the road with names like Maynard Ferguson, Stan Kenton and Hank Levy. I entered the High School program the year after Mike had graduated. I knew the name, and a few years ago even hired Mike for a gig with my group; being as we were both Muskogee students of that era, I felt a connection even then. I wish I had taken the opportunity to perform with him more. From what I’ve read today, he had a large impact in the music community in Tulsa, which gives me joy for him and the members of that community.
      Fly high, Saxman.
    • Danny White A harpist and singer who has performed with many geat names in the business. He ran the Blues Saloon in OKC for many years, employing and showcasing a huge amount of blues talent.

Certificates to: Shiron and Oscar Ray Lauree Watkins Larry Jones

Leroy Brinkley – Donor of the year Don Whitney

BOD: Dan, Harold, Harry, Donna, Jayne, DW. . . for continued service

May 26th will be a celebration in Rentiesville of this State’s Blues Tradition. And indeed it is a rich one. A record number, 11 Artists with strong roots in the State will be honored with music, trophies, Bar-B-Que and a good time at D.C. Minner’s time worn juke joint. 
Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame F.O. R. Blues Inc.
, E of OKC, 200 m. N of Dallas & 70 m SE of Tulsa I – 40 @ US 69 Info (918)855-0978 
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The Castle of Muskogee and the Bank of Eufaula paying for trophies and more! Thanks!